• The Story begins

    Dr. Ferrer moves with his family to a ranch of 5, 5 hectares at the outskirts of Bariloche.

  • Spring Water

    A family friend, chemical engineer, proposes they analyse the water which, they discover, has mineral properties that make it unique.

  • AlunCo, Water Reflection

    The family entrepreneurship starts with 500 cc returnable bottles called AlunCo. AlunCo meaning “Water Reflection” in the native araucano language.

  • Incorporation of a gasifier

    The first gasifier is bought, which introduces the first line of gasified products.

  • Adjusting quality controls

    The first on-site laboratory is proudly inaugurated which ensures quality control.

  • Management transfer

    The first organizational change begins its process through the implementation of a built-in management system. Engineer

  • Evolution

    Up to that moment the business had been known as “Alun-Co de Carlos Ferrer Tascheret”. Now it went on to be “Alun-Co Bariloche SRL”, showing its growth at a cooperative level without losing its essence and family-business identity.

  • Growth

    Eight new distributors are added in Patagonia, together with sixteen new jobs, more than 4000 clients, the first exportations, more than 200 suppliers and multiple programs of social responsibility.

  • Expansion and product diversification

    “Boutique Line” is launched and the “Bag in Box” product is introduced in Buenos Aires in the Caminos y Sabores [Roads and Tastes] fair, thus allowing the opening of new markets at both a national and international level.  

  • Constant Growth

    Expansion of the business’ structure with the introduction of new machinery, team professionalization and improvement in its infrastructure.

MISSION: Our reason for being

“We are a business from the Andean Patagonia that provides a natural and nutritious product to all people in the world. Together with a team dedicated to supplying a personalized product, we comply with the quality standards that ensure good health and taking care of our environment”

MISSION: Where we are headed

“To reach and maintain a position of leadership in excellence of service and in quality of natural products; to surpass our audience’s expectations, those of the communities in which we develop and at the same time, to promote the environment´s protection through the example of our actions.”


Guaranteed through the permanent supervision of an engineer and a food technician, and under the controls required by the National Public Health.


We stand out for having double filtered natural water, with no artificial processes. This gives it a unique integrity that highlights us. AlunCo is the purest water you could taste.


Due to the natural properties, rich in minerals, we promote it as one of the most important foods for the development of the human being.


Transparency and commitment represent us and we apply it when we look after our spring’s environment, and so, the world in which we live. To drink AlunCo is to make good decisions.


Certified by the Departamento Provincial de Aguas de la provincia de Río Negro “Programa de Control de Calidad y Protección de los Recursos Hídricos Provinciales” (Co.Ca.P.R.Hi.) Nº 9700477, that frames AlunCo business as a “dry” non-contaminating industry.

We possess all corresponding records for exportation and importation.
Our vehicles have the corresponding Municipal and National authorization to transport food substances.

Certified by the San Carlos de Bariloche municipality as a business which separates waste at the source. Recognition of the agency on economic development of Río Negro CREAR for participating in their stand in PARTENARIAT Y EXPOVENTA LAS GRUTAS.

Certified as a business in social responsability by Fundación Centro Patagónico.

Certified for collaborating in EXPO-DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE by the Instituto Aruandista de Pesquisas y Desenvolvimiento IAPD.

Certified for high quality in sale and water distribution by Agencia Internacional de Estadísticas y Marketing G.I.E.M.

1st prize in Planeta 2014 in Image and Prestige as a business of bottled water in Argentina